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AluKun Ltd. grants a guarantee on the selected items; Two years on motor functions and five years on item profiles. The guarantee claim relates solely to defects that can be proven due to a material or manufacturing fault. This is a guarantee of quality. The warranty is spatially limited to using the purchase object in Bulgari, the Federal Republic of Germany, and Austria. The following countries are excluded from the full warranty: Sweden, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and countries outside of Europe. Warranty services are only provided if the following requirements are met:

The customer must be a consumer who has made a purchase and agreed to the terms and conditions stipulated by AluKun Ltd. In the event of visible defects or defects in the functional test, these must be reported immediately within 48 hours of the delivery date at the latest.

In the event of damage, the customer must immediately report the damage to Alukun Ltd. Notification of the damage by telephone is not sufficient. The manufacturer reserves the statutory right to make improvements. Before other remedial measures are possible, three rectification attempts are permitted. Eliminating defects in the guarantee, e.g., through a repair or a replacement delivery, does not extend the original guarantee period. The warranty for defective parts, to which the manufacturer's warranty relates, will be repaired or replaced, if possible, by AluKun Ltd. The replacements will be made against the return of the replaced parts. The replaced parts become the property of AluKun Ltd. Defects subject to the warranty are remedied without any charge. Spare parts and assembly services are chargeable if the guarantee and warranty are excluded.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Wear and blemishes such as wrinkles in the cloth are excluded from the guarantee (under the non-defect catalog of the Bundesverband Kunststoff-und Schwergewebekonfektion e.V. Düsseldorf). Customary deviations in color and design, weather-related coloring or crackling, and running noises caused by not regularly oiling or cleaning systems are not grounds for claiming a warranty. The guarantee also excludes defects caused by third-party components that do not come from AluKun Ltd., incorrect assembly, improper operation, or improper use of systems/pergolas under the following product list (e.g., during storms, snow, rain, etc.). Damage caused by filiform corrosion (growth of thread-like traces of corrosion under a layer of paint can occur under certain conditions of moisture and electrolyte content in the atmosphere, e.g., in coastal regions) or when using powder-coated aluminum parts is also excluded. The following materials are excluded from warranty claims: Glass materials, seals, sealing material, ceramics, and wear parts such as thermal elements.

The expiration period of the guarantee

The guarantee expires if third-party spare parts are installed or after repairs that Alukun Ltd. or the manufacturer did not carry out.

Guarantee and legal warranty

This manufacturer's guarantee applies in addition to the statutory or contractual warranty of AluKun Ltd.